I made a resolution this new year to be little adventurous so what’s the better way to pump up the adrenaline than scuba diving. But they are quite expensive and you will have to go to Andaman to experience good scuba diving. One of my friends recommended Malvan, a small coastal town in Maharashtra which helped me to live my dreams without shrinking the wallet.

You can travel in your own vehicle but the Malvan is 483 km from Mumbai and takes up to 10 hrs if you are travelling by car. The long trip will consume most of your energy which could hamper your scuba diving experience. The only other option left is to travel by bus. There is no direct bus service to Malvan but you can book a bus ticket up to Kasal and take a local bus service to reach Malvan town. The journey from Mumbai to Malvan takes almost 12 hours so I would suggest you to travel by night.

It costs rs.50 to reach Chivla beach from Malvan town so try to stay away from those self-proclaimed tourist guides. The bluish water and fresh breeze are ready to welcome you to Chivla beach. There are several homestays and lodges near Chivla. Apart from very considerate hosts, starfishes at Chivla beach will be ready to welcome the tourists.

After spending some time relaxing at my homestay, I set out to Malvan beach which is actually 10 minutes ride in an auto rickshaw. Malvan beach is where the real action takes place. I already pre-booked for scuba diving, since a lot of scuba diving agencies at Malvan beach are not authorised and lack several safety pieces of equipment so make sure you do a lot of research before choosing an agency. Normal scuba diving in which they take you up to 20 feet will cost you around rs.1500/- for 30 minutes. Deepwater scuba which requires proper pool training will cost you around rs.5000/-. I opted for normal scuba diving because this was my first dive and I don’t know how to swim?!!!.

My instructor told me that I can opt for deep water scuba diving even I don’t how to swim? I refused to be on the safer side. A guide will be allotted for every diver who will teach you various hand signals to communicate underwater. After learning the signs, you will be taking a short boat ride to reach the diving spot. Your instructor will help you suit up and literally sag you inside the water. First twenty minutes will be spent to check how your body reacts to the water. Once your body gives the green signal, you will be taken deep for the dive.

You could see a lot of new varieties of fish and corals. As the time passes on, the adrenaline will start pumping but your instructors will make sure that you enjoy every bit of the 30 minutes dive. You can capture your diving moments with underwater HD recording and 10 HD photographs; if you want more photographs then you may have to pay a little extra.

Apart from scuba diving, Malvan is also famous for other adventure water sports like parasailing and banana boat riding. Food at Malvan has a unique blend to it. The local cuisine is filled with exotic kinds of seafood like prawn and squids. You can have prawn or squid thali for rs.250.

After trying every local food and drink, I packed my bags and booked the ticket through because they provided excellent services during my onward journey. The return journey was excellent and I would like to thank hospitality and scuba diving services at Malvan for making this trip memorable.

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